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Nitu Patel

Intuitive Feng Shui Consultant

Hi my name is Nitu. I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, puppies, yoga, and all things spiritual. This is starting to sound like a cheesy dating profile...Let's start over.


As most of you can see, I am in love with feng shui. For as long as I can remember, I was always drawn to the home. In 2016, I reached out to a reiki healer in New York City who confirmed that I was a natural healer with the gift of feng shui. After our session, I realized that I could oddly communicate with furniture and inanimate objects in the home and place them to create positive energy.

Today, using my intuition to guide me, I continue to help heal others through the energy of their homes. 





Most Popular Consult

So much can be accomplished in two hours! First, we walk through the entire home and discuss all the problems and frustrations you are having. I make suggestions about furniture placement, offer several feng shui tips, and provide my intuitive findings at the end of our session. If my client is open to moving furniture, we begin the feng shui process immediately. Past clients have said they instantly feel more comfortable in their space and are happier with the design and aesthetic. 

Ideal for 3+ Bedroom Homes

This consultation is perfect for families with two or more children.  Similar to the 2-hour consult, we start with walking through the entire home while I make suggestions for furniture placement, organization, and artwork. The furniture is situated first and then we tackle light organization and staging. Parents are always amazed with how quickly their kids adapt to the new furniture layout and intuitive organization systems . The end result makes kids happier and brings families closer together. 



A Realtor's Dream

Planning on selling your home? With a background in real estate, I know what it takes to stage your property. Let me help you get your place picture perfect by using simple staging techniques to uncover its hidden potential. Clients love that I use their existing furniture and accessories to save them time and money. Transform your home into a realtor's dream with my staging session.

Unpack With Purpose

Moving is stressful and unpacking can be even worse. I work with clients to unpack with purpose and create systems to turn your house into a functional home. The process is broken down into three 8-hour days so the frustration (and exhaustion) of organizing and decorating is eliminated. Say goodbye to boxes and hello to housewarming.


What is Feng Shui?

When I first started seeing clients, I didn't realize how much someone's life could change by the simple act of rearranging their possessions and deep cleaning the corners of their rooms. After I was done with consults, clients would not only feel better, but they would often get new jobs, find love, and frequently move into new homes. Because people felt more present in their homes and lives, they started attracting new opportunities and possibilities. I quickly learned that feng shui worked as an ejector seat - pushing my clients towards their next best scenario. 


According to Google, feng shui is defined as "the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting  of a house."  My interpretation of feng shui goes a bit deeper. After practicing this ancient art of placement for the last few years, I view feng shui as a means to loving what you already have and making it work better for you. 

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Find peace and calm.

Improve your relationships.

Save money.

Be inspired.

Save more time.

Feel happier living in less clutter.

Make your home more beautiful.

Transform your life.



Nitu completely transformed our apartment with her magic and brilliance, it was incredible! In a few short hours she rearranged all our furniture in ways that felt both intuitive and inventive - like the way it was always meant to be but that my husband and I had never been able to quite figure out. It instantly improved our lives and then Nitu came back for a three-day consult and helped us reorganize the main spaces and closets in ways that have been lasting and totally life-altering. As parents of a toddler, we've adapted our space to all the different stages of this experience and lost track of having any real order to how things were arranged. This gave us a wonderful chance for a reset and Nitu was so thoughtful about creating logical organization systems for our son too, not just for us. It's been such a joy to live in the space as she transformed it - everything has a place and it all feels so beautiful and so functional and peaceful. Our son knows where his spaces are and has really responded to the changes by completely embracing all the new systems. He even cleans up his toys without us asking because now he knows where they go. We all enjoy everything more in the home, spend less time cleaning and stressing about mess, and have fallen in love with our apartment all over again. I would highly recommend Nitu's services especially for anyone who just needs a bit of a reset in your apartment. I would wish what we experienced with Nitu particularly for parents of young kids who may be in a similar situation of wanting your home to feel a certain way but not having the energy, intuition, and gift of Feng Shui to enact it on their own!

Jillian S. 

New York, NY

Nitu exudes nothing but positive energy. She only wants the best for her clients and to give them a happier home life. Even though we only spent a few hours together reorganizing my apartment, I can already see the changes not just in my home but in my life as well. I have followed all her tips to sprucing things up and now I am so much happier here! Thank you so much Nitu! I would highly recommend her and will only be referring all my NYC clients and friends to Phoenix and Rose Feng Shui!

Hire Nitu! My GF recently moved in and she whipped our entire apartment into shape, creating a system for *literally* everything (I don't use "literally" lightly). Every room, closet, panty, cabinet, etc. was gone through with care. She was mindful of how we lived, what we’d access, and how we wanted the space/nooks/crannies to feel. Can’t recommend her enough because our apartment now feels like a home. Plus, she’s just an awesome person that’s very chill for what can be at times a hectic process (rearranging your life can bring out some feelings, you know?). If you’re not convinced by this review, get an initial consultation with her. You won’t regret it.


Read my Google reviews to learn how feng shui can help you.


Is your home a source of frustration or anxiety? Send me a message so we can discuss how to transform your space into one that is peaceful, organized, and perfectly suited to your life. 

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