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Do you feel like the energy in your home is keeping you stuck? 

What if you lived in a space that inspired you? A space that made you feel clear-headed and full of love?

Can you imagine a home that improves your relationships and gives you a refreshed perspective on life? 

What if your guests felt so good in your home that they lingered for hours just because….


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  •  You want better organization for your closets, drawers, cabinets, bathrooms, and kitchen. 
  • You need a furniture arrangement that creates a beautiful flow of energy and makes it easy to entertain.
  • You enjoy knowing that all your possessions are placed with intention and care.
  • Your home radiates warmth, beauty, and positive energy.
  • You want your children to be happier and have a strong sense of identity and self worth.
  • You want restful sleep and a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary.
  • You desire to feel like you’re in the flow of life.
  • You want an improved relationship with your partner or spouse.
  • Simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, or laundry become effortless.
  • You want the option to sell, rent, or Airbnb your home at a moment’s notice.


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4-Hour Feng Shui

Furniture Arrangement Services

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12-Hour Home Staging

Interior Design & Home Staging

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24-Hour Organizing Session

Home Organizing & Decluttering

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Free Consultation

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Free Consultation


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Experience my feng shui magic from anywhere in the United States! Let me empower you with Feng Shui knowledge to create a harmonious home using what you already have! 

Virtual interior design and feng shui can change the way you interact with your space and help to manifest a new job, a new love, or just peace of mind.

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Hi, I’m Nitu Patel, a feng shui consultant and interior designer based in Hoboken, NJ. My promise to you is that my process works and is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

I have taught hundreds of clients how to manipulate the energy of their homes with simple techniques that create lasting change. 

In a few hours, you could have a space that feels refreshed, free-flowing, and renewed. 

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“She truly has a gift and is able to create a vision I couldn’t even imagine!”
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“She brought me from feeling stuck and stagnant in my home and life, to feeling energized and renewed!!”

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“I was amazed at how much she could do with stuff I already owned just by moving it around”

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“I am SO GRATEFUL” I trusted her and let her work her magic”

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“It’s so much more than an apartment upgrade, it has improved my overall quality of life and I will be forever grateful”

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Phoenix & Rose Feng Shui provides interior design services to clients in Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, Union City, West New York, and Bayonne, NJ.

Virtual Interior Design & Feng Shui consultations are only available for US residents.

72 Garden Street Hoboken, NJ 07030