Feng Shui

Inspiring positive change and harmonious living

through balanced environments

 My services can help you if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • You don’t feel at home in your space.
  • You cannot figure out the furniture arrangement.
  • You have organized your closets several times but still have clutter.
  • Something feels wrong in the home but you can’t figure it out.
  • Your children are struggling with behavior issues.
  • You are having difficulty sleeping.
  • You feel stuck in your job and day-to-day life.
  • You want to attract love.
  • You are constantly arguing with your partner or spouse about simple tasks like laundry, cleaning, and cooking.
  • You want to sell, rent or Airbnb your home. 
  • You are looking for a one-stop shop for interior design, home organization, staging, and feng shui. 


Virtual Feng Shui

2 hr 2


So much can be accomplished with my 4-hour virtual feng shui! Before the consultation, we do a free 30-minute call so I can see your space and learn more about your specific needs. During our session, I tell you where to place furniture and offer feng shui/organizing suggestions. You move furniture and artwork around while I guide you through the entire process. Past clients have said they instantly feel more comfortable in their space and are happier with the design and aesthetic.

4-Hour Feng Shui

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Most Popular Consult

This consultation is perfect for anyone wanting to make a serious change to their space.  We start with walking through the entire home while I make suggestions for furniture placement, organization, and artwork. The furniture is situated first and then we tackle light organization and staging. Four hours is the perfect amount of time to address several issues and create a lasting result in your home. Clients have said this consult changes life circumstances for the better. 

8-Hour Home Staging

8 hr

A Realtor’s Dream

Planning on selling your home? With a background in real estate, I know what it takes to stage your property. Let me help you get your place picture perfect by using simple staging techniques to uncover its hidden potential. Clients love that I use their existing furniture and accessories to save money and transform their homes into a realtor’s dream!

24-Hour Moving Session

24 hr 1

Unpack With Purpose

Moving is stressful and unpacking can be even worse. I work with clients to unpack with purpose and create systems to turn your house into a functional home. The process is broken down into three 8-hour days so the frustration (and exhaustion) of organizing and decorating is eliminated. Say goodbye to boxes and hello to housewarming.

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Furniture Arrangement

Can't figure out how to situate your furniture? Let an expert solve your problem in under 2 hours.

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Home Organization

Nitu's feng shui services will help you  organize your home and align everything into its perfect space.

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Home Staging

Want to sell or rent a property? Nitu's intuitive  home staging will make it stand out among the rest.

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Feng Shui
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Your Needs


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“She truly has a gift and is able to create a vision I couldn’t even imagine!”
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“She brought me from feeling stuck and stagnant in my home and life, to feeling energized and renewed!!”

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“I was amazed at how much she could do with stuff I already owned just by moving it around”

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“I am SO GRATEFUL” I trusted her and let her work her magic”

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“It’s so much more than an apartment upgrade, it has improved my overall quality of life and I will be forever grateful”

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