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Meet Nitu Patel

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to the home. In 2016, I reached out to a reiki healer in New York City who changed the course of my life forever. She told me that I was a natural healer with the gift of feng shui. She had no idea that I had previously worked in real estate or that I had been studying and practicing feng shui in the ten years prior to our meeting.

After our session, I was in a bit of a shock. How did this complete stranger know my purpose and greatest gift? Nonetheless, I took her advice, started my business, and began using my gifts professionally. As time went on, I became very confident in my abilities and recognized that I could use the power of feng shui to help people heal through their homes.

My Story

As a kid I loved to organize and couldn’t sleep soundly unless everything was properly put away in my bedroom. When I was nine years old, I discovered that my name was serendipitously spelled out in the word ‘furniture’ and became fascinated with all things related to the home.

Many moons later, I gravitated towards a career in real estate to fuse my passion for helping others with my love of home. I enjoyed the process of selling, negotiating, and marketing homes but quickly learned that I was more interested in staging properties for sale. I helped sellers move around their furniture and home decor and began to see powerful transformations in their space. I had no idea that I was practicing feng shui at this time – I simply followed my intuition and arranged items for better flow. The results were incredible; people could instantly feel the energetic shift of the space after I had worked on it and open houses were always a success.

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A Natural Healer

A healer is not someone you go to for healing, but someone who triggers your own ability to heal yourself.”

As an empath, I can connect to the energy of my clients the day before a session and begin to feel their emotional and physical state as my own.

What sets me apart from other feng shui practitioners is that I can oddly communicate with furniture and inanimate objects to arrange furniture for better energy flow within the home. Using the furniture and accessories that clients already own, I transform the home  to make it  more beautiful and conducive to living. 

Like the phoenix rising from it’s own ashes, feng shui is a tool that  enables me to help clients manifest their dreams and heal relationships without going outside of themselves.

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Nitu Patel

Featured In

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“Was I blocking love in my Harlem apartment? Could clearing out under my bed open the door to my love life…?”

What Do I Do?

As an NYC Feng Shui Consultant, my clients hire me to help them with
the following home solutions.

Furniture Arrangement

Do you feel like something just isn’t right with your home? Or, do you want a new look but can’t afford to buy new things? Let me apply my gifts to your space so that your home feels refreshed and new.

Home Organization

Sometimes a person doesn’t have time or interest in making a home feel more comfortable. Let a professional help you reorganize your home so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Home Staging

This is the process of preparing a residential property to be sold – or featured on a rental service such as Airbnb. The intent is to enhance the appeal of a property.