Manhattan Feng Shui Consultant

Nitu Patel

An Awakening

In February 2016 my life changed forever. I had an intense reiki session with a healer in New York City and was advised to pursue feng shui professionally. She could intuit that I was a natural healer with the gift of feng shui. I started my business shortly after and have never looked back.

Working with clients has been the greatest blessing of my life. It has enabled me to use my gift to heal people’s lives and homes. Feng shui is my ultimate passion and my life’s purpose.

When I’m not working with clients, I love practicing yoga, eating pasta, spending time with friends and family, and doing puzzles. I could spend endless hours exploring vintage and antique shops; searching for life’s treasures. I love creating magic wherever I go and always seek to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.



A Healing Gift

As an empath, I can connect to the energy of my clients the day before a session and begin to feel their emotional and physical state as my own. What sets me apart from other feng shui practitioners is that I can oddly communicate with furniture and inanimate objects to arrange furniture for better energy flow within the home.

Using the furniture and accessories that clients already own, I transform the home to make it more beautiful and conducive to living. Like the phoenix rising from it’s own ashes, feng shui is a tool that enables me to help clients manifest their dreams and improve relationships without going outside of themselves.

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Nitu Patel

Featured In

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“Was I blocking love in my Harlem apartment? Could clearing out under my bed open the door to my love life…?”