Brooklyn Feng Shui Consultant

Nitu Patel

An Awakening

In 2016, a transformational session with a Reiki healer changed the course of my life forever. She revealed my true nature as a healer and put a name to something I had always been instinctively drawn to: feng shui.

Before I could share this gift to help others, I knew I had work to do on myself. I became a more compassionate, loving, kind, and empathetic human. I shed negative habits, including alcohol, and I let go of unhealthy relationships that no longer served me. With clear eyes, a focused mind, and a very open heart, I opened the doors to Phoenix & Rose Feng Shui in January 2017. Since then, I have helped more than 250 clients find balance, resolve frustrations, and heal through their homes.


A Healing Gift

As an empath, I can connect to the energy of my clients the day before a session and begin to feel their emotional and physical state as my own. What sets me apart from other feng shui practitioners is that I can oddly communicate with furniture and inanimate objects to arrange furniture for better energy flow within the home.

Using the furniture and accessories that clients already own, I transform the home to make it more beautiful and conducive to living. Like the phoenix rising from it’s own ashes, feng shui is a tool that enables me to help clients manifest their dreams and improve relationships without going outside of themselves.

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Nitu Patel

Featured In

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“Was I blocking love in my Harlem apartment? Could clearing out under my bed open the door to my love life…?”