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Feng Shui Consulting

The way I practice feng shui gets to the root of every single problem and frustration you are experiencing in the home. My process always follows the same protocol: furniture placement, deep organization, staging, and shopping for the finishing touches.

Many clients call me because they’re not sure how to resolve the problems in their homes and lives.

Furniture Arrangement

The furniture of a room dictates what will happen in the space and how people will feel living there.

With correct placement, furniture can make the home more conducive to entertaining, create conversation areas, make a space feel larger, bring families together, and create positive energy flow.

It’s the foundation upon which good interior design, home organization, and home staging is built.

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Home Organization

Homeowners and renters frequently call me because they are overwhelmed by clutter and lack of order in their homes.

They try repeatedly to fix the problem but cannot figure out a permanent solution. Most people don’t realize that furniture placement is at the root of clutter in the home.

Home Staging

Whether you are selling your home, getting ready to Airbnb your basement, or entertaining friends, staging your place is imperative to creating an amazing vibe and ambiance!

Once the furniture is in place and everything has been organized, bringing in plant life, artwork, decorative accessories, and textiles is what makes the magic happen. 

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Furniture Arrangement

Can't figure out how to situate your furniture? Let an expert solve your problem in under 2 hours.

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Home Organization

Nitu's feng shui services will help you  organize your home and align everything into its perfect space.

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Home Staging

Want to sell or rent a property? Nitu's intuitive  home staging will make it stand out among the rest.

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