Feng Shui Bagua

What is the Bagua Map?

The bagua map is a tool that feng shui practitioners use to determine the regions of a room or entire home. All homes have “energy centers” that represent important areas of life. The bagua defines these areas and can be utilized to enhance love, money, health, and fertility.

Feng Shui Bagua

How to Use the Bagua Map?

I practice Western or BTB (Black Sect Trantric Buddhist School) feng shui which does not require a compass. I simply use the bagua map and place it over floor plans of a room to determine where the energy centers are located. You can easily do this in your own home…simply line up the bottom of the map (knowledge, career, helpful people) with the entrance of your room or house.

What I’ve learned over time…

Small spaces have STRONG energy

Small spaces have STRONG energy

I prefer to use the map on individual rooms versus the entire home because smaller spaces are more sensitive to feng shui cures. Manipulating the energy of individual rooms has a greater impact on the people living there and they experience changes in their financial and romantic lives faster.

Color and living energy are the BEST cures

Color and living energy are the BEST cures

Each section of the bagua has a specific color, number, element, and cure. With clients, I use cures that truly resonate with a person’s individual preference. Over time, I have noticed that simply using color in combination with living energy has one of the strongest impacts on life circumstances. For example, using pink carnations or red roses in a love corner is stronger than rose quartz crystals. You could also use a bowl of lemons, oranges, or baby pumpkins in the center of your kitchen to bring living energy to this space and promote good health.

Essential oils can increase the vibration of your home FAST

Essential oils can increase your home’s vibration

Refer to the list below when using essential oils for feng shui:

Wealth: Cinnamon
Fame: Frankincense
Love: Rose
Family: Idaho Blue Spruce
Health: Lemon or Orange Blossom
Children: Lavender
Knowledge: Rosemary
Career: Ginger
Helpful People: Pine

Apply the essential oil to the corresponding bagua area in your home. Remember, if you don’t like the smell of one, you don’t have to use it! I’ve personally used cinnamon oil in every corner of my home because I love the smell and the way it boosts my mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what resonates with you; all we are trying to do is bring in living energy into the home.

What Do I Do?

As the owner of a NYC Feng Shui Company, my clients hire me to
help them with the following home solutions.

Furniture Arrangement

Do you feel like something just isn’t right with your home? Or, do you want a new look but can’t afford to buy new things? Let me apply my gifts to your space so that your home feels refreshed and new.

Home Organization

Sometimes a person doesn’t have time or interest in making a home feel more comfortable. Let a professional help you reorganize your home so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Home Staging

This is the process of preparing a residential property to be sold – or featured on a rental service such as Airbnb. The intent is to enhance the appeal of a property.

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