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Feng Shui Tips

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Feng Shui by Room

Some of the most common feng shui tips that people ask me for are room specific. Each room can be organized according to principles that govern the flow of energy for a specific space. The following pages will share with you my insights for the flow of energy and intention for each room.

Feng Shui Your Life

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Feng Shui for Love

If you want to be in a relationship or rekindle an existing relationship, the secret to doing so might actually be found in your home. When you get your environment organized in a way that is aligned with your highest desire, then there is room for the magic to occur.

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Feng Shui for Spirituality

Spirituality is a unique concept that people interpret in various ways. For me, spirituality is all about getting present, increasing my awareness, and listening to my intuition. It’s how I connect with my higher self and find peace without material possessions or romantic relationships.  On this crazy journey we call life, I have tried everything under the sun to find happiness. Here are some things that  have really helped me attain a better understanding of myself. 


Feng Shui for Wealth

Your home has untapped resources that are powerful in attracting more abundance into your life. Use the list below to manipulate the energy of your space and tap into new opportunities. Why is there so much purple on this page? Well it’s the color of royalty and probably the fastest way to draw more money into your life. Keep reading for more fun tips you can implement in your own space today! 

Feng Shui Bagua

Feng Shui Bagua

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