Feng Shui for Love


Use Feng Shui to Find Love in New York City 

Feng Shui for Love


Use Feng Shui to Find Love in New York City

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Feng Shui Tips for Love

If you want to be in a relationship or rekindle an existing relationship, the secret to doing so might actually be found in your home. When you get your environment organized in a way that is aligned with your highest desire, then there is room for the magic to occur.

15 Ways To Attract
Love using Feng Shui

15 Ways To Attract Love using Feng Shui

  1. Use romantic artwork in your bedroom.
  2. Throw away dried flowers – they are dead energy.
  3. Make sure the bed is accessible for two people.
  4. Clean the love corner (far right corner from the entrance).
  5. Fill the opposite nightstand with things a future partner would want – a book, hand cream, condoms, chap stick, a phone charger, etc.
  6. Make an ideal soulmate list.
  7. Free up space in your closet and dresser to create space for someone new.
  8. Use peonies in your love corner.
  9. Wipe down all 4 corners of your bedroom with rose oil.
  10. Decorate in pairs – 2 nightstands, 2 bedside lamps, images reflecting two.
  11. Create a love vision board. Hang this up on the inside of your bedroom closet.
  12. Add products to your bathroom that a future partner may need – extra toothbrushes, deodorant, disposable razors, etc.
  13. Hire a love coach.
  14. Add a romantic couple image to your phone and computer screensavers.
  15. Live as if you’re already dating your soulmate. Set dinner for two at the table, turn on both bedside lamps at night, wear lingerie to bed.

15 Tips To Maintain Love Using Feng Shui

15 Tips To Maintain Love Using Feng Shui

  1. Fill the bedroom up with pictures of the happy couple.
  2. Remove images of family and friends from the bedroom.
  3. Keep symbols of your relationship stored in the bedroom – love letters, old Valentine’s Day cards, memorabilia from past trips, etc.
  4. Splurge on expensive bedding or a new mattress.
  5. Throw away anything from past relationships.
  6. Use candles and dim lighting before bedtime.
  7. Keep lingerie easily accessible.
  8. Remove electronics from the bedroom.
  9. Clean and declutter under the bed.
  10. Add fresh flowers that are red or pink to the room.
  11. Create a cozy environment with sheepskin rugs, plush throw pillows, and string lights.
  12. Remove mirrors from the bedroom – they can invite third parties and keep you awake at night.
  13. Create equality by sharing the closets and dressers 50/50.
  14. Put a happy picture of your relationship on your phone or computer screensaver.
  15. Remove exercise equipment or work related items from the bedroom. This type of clutter means that you are “working” really hard on your relationship.

What Do I Do?

As a Feng Shui Consultant in NYC, my clients hire me to help them with
the following home solutions.

Furniture Arrangement

Do you feel like something just isn’t right with your home? Or, do you want a new look but can’t afford to buy new things? Let me apply my gifts to your space so that your home feels refreshed and new.

Home Organization

Sometimes a person doesn’t have time or interest in making a home feel more comfortable. Let a professional help you reorganize your home so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Home Staging

This is the process of preparing a residential property to be sold – or featured on a rental service such as Airbnb. The intent is to enhance the appeal of a property.

Let’s Talk

Is your home a source of frustration or anxiety? Send me a message, so we can discuss how to transform your space into one that is peaceful, organized, and perfectly suited to your life.


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