Feng Shui for Spirituality


Use feng shui to find your spirit in New York City.

Feng Shui for Spirituality


Use feng shui to find your spirit in New York City.

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Feng Shui Tips to Enhance
Your Spiritual Practice

Spirituality is a unique concept that people interpret in various ways. For me, spirituality is all about getting present, increasing my awareness, and listening to my intuition. It’s how I connect with my higher self and find peace without material possessions or romantic relationships.  On this crazy journey we call life, I have tried everything under the sun to find happiness. Here are some things that  have really helped me attain a better understanding of myself.

Pray Rain Journaling

I recently discovered this incredible technique to shift my negative thinking and attract the things I truly want in my life. If I have a bad day or I am suffering negative thoughts, I write the exact opposite in my ‘Pray Rain Journal’. Yes, these are technically lies, but they make me feel so happy and make me believe the exact opposite of how I’m feeling. When I write things down as if they’ve already happened or are currently happening, I attract more of what I want into my life.

If you’re feeling stuck in your job or frustrated with dating, like many New Yorkers, use your pray rain journal and write the EXACT OPPOSITE. You could write things like “I am so lucky to be working my dream job in marketing” or “I am so excited to see my new girlfriend this weekend.” You will see an instant shift in your mood and start to focus on what you want versus what you don’t want.

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Practical Intuition

Intuition is something we are all born with; it’s a skill that everyone has but can easily be forgotten when we rely so heavily on reasoning and logic. After reading Laura Day’s “Practical Intuition” I was amazed that intuition is a skill you can actually practice and refine over time.

This book has simple exercises that have given me a lot of insight into my own intuition and how to make it more effective in my daily life.


As a feng shui consultant and natural intuitive, I am a magnet for all types of energy – good and bad. After long sessions with clients I take Epsom salt baths to clear my energy field but sometimes that isn’t enough. In the last couple of years I began visiting reiki practitioners on a monthly basis to help move energy in my body and to clear anything that might be stuck.

How do you know if you have stuck energy? Personally, I can tell when I need a reiki session because I have consistent negative thoughts that begin first thing in the morning. Feelings of hopelessness, anger, and resentment can also plague my thoughts. In addition to cognitive behavior therapy, I strongly recommend reiki sessions to all of my clients to help heal emotional and mental health issues.

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Get a Tarot Reading

And last, but certainly not least, if all else fails and you are feeling hopeless and stuck in your life…get a tarot reading from the top-rated tarot reader in NYC. I got my first reading with Veronica in October 2014 and have been back four times since.

I’ve been to psychics, astrologers, and palm readers in several cities but no one has ever compared to Veronica’s readings. Click the link below to read her Yelp reviews and book a session today. FYI: It can take up to 6 months to get a reading – she is that good!

Veronica – NYC Tarot Reader

What Do I Do?

As a local Feng Shui Consultant, my clients hire me to help them with
the following home solutions.

Furniture Arrangement

Do you feel like something just isn’t right with your home? Or, do you want a new look but can’t afford to buy new things? Let me apply my gifts to your space so that your home feels refreshed and new.

Home Organization

Sometimes a person doesn’t have time or interest in making a home feel more comfortable. Let a professional help you reorganize your home so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Home Staging

This is the process of preparing a residential property to be sold – or featured on a rental service such as Airbnb. The intent is to enhance the appeal of a property.

Let’s Talk

Is your home a source of frustration or anxiety? Send me a message, so we can discuss how to transform your space into one that is peaceful, organized, and perfectly suited to your life.


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