Feng Shui for Wealth


Attract Wealth in New York City with Feng Shui

Feng Shui for Wealth


Attract Wealth in New York City with Feng Shui

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Feng Shui Tips for Wealth

Your home has untapped resources that are powerful in attracting more abundance into your life. Use the list below to manipulate the energy of your space and tap into new opportunities. Why is there so much purple on this page? Well it’s the color of royalty and probably the fastest way to draw more money into your life. Keep reading for more fun tips you can implement in your own space today! 

Feng Shui
Tips for Wealth

  • Use the bagua to identify the prosperity corner in every room of your home (the far left corner from the entrance).
  • Clean the corners of every room in your home. This will start to get the energy moving.
  • Use cinnamon oil in the corners of your office.
  • Use jars of black salt in the corners of your office to absorb negative energy. Discard salt after 48 hours.
  • Make a wealth vision board.
  • Deep clean your bathroom. Water energy represents money and your bathroom is the symbol of wealth in the home.
  • Wipe down your front door with peppermint oil.
  • Use feng shui wealth cures like plants, tall lights, and images of moving water in the wealth corners of your living room and office.
  • Enhance the wealth corner of your bedroom with purple accents. This cure is very strong because we are most sensitive to the energy in our bedrooms.
  • If you don’t like your job, remove pens, folders, and anything with your company logo on it from your home.
  • Put an image that represents wealth and abundance on your phone and computer screensavers.
  • Make a gratitude jar and put notes of things you are grateful for every day. Attracting wealth requires an attitude of gratitude.
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What Do I Do?

As a Feng Shui Consultant in New York City, my clients hire me to help them with
the following home solutions.

Furniture Arrangement

Do you feel like something just isn’t right with your home? Or, do you want a new look but can’t afford to buy new things? Let me apply my gifts to your space so that your home feels refreshed and new.

Home Organization

Sometimes a person doesn’t have time or interest in making a home feel more comfortable. Let a professional help you reorganize your home so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Home Staging

This is the process of preparing a residential property to be sold – or featured on a rental service such as Airbnb. The intent is to enhance the appeal of a property.

Let’s Talk

Is your home a source of frustration or anxiety? Send me a message, so we can discuss how to transform your space into one that is peaceful, organized, and perfectly suited to your life.


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