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Nitu’s Jackson Heights Furniture Arrangement Services

Have you moved around your furniture several times without finding a permanent solution? Are you frustrated because you want your space to look and feel more sophisticated but don’t know where to begin? Most people don’t have the time or money to hire an expensive interior designer or buy all new furniture so they book my 4-Hour Consultation to resolve their issues in the home. 

Furniture arrangement is the root of feng shui.

Why hire Nitu to arrange furniture in your Jackson Heights apartment? 

  • I move around your existing furniture and make it work better for you.
  • My suggestions are easy to implement on your own time.
  • I email you a list of links if new furniture is necessary to improve the home.
  • Families and couples instantly feel a dramatic improvement after an initial consult.
  • The art of placing furniture is the most life-changing aspect of my NYC feng shui consulting. As an intuitive “furniture medium” I can immediately sense what is wrong with the layout of the Jackson Heights space and how to move objects around for optimal energy flow.

The furniture of a room dictates what will happen in the Jackson Heights space and how people will feel living there. With correct placement, furniture can make the home more conducive to entertaining, create conversation areas, make a space feel larger, bring families together, and create positive energy flow. It’s the foundation upon which good interior design, home organization, and home staging is built.

“We have a funky layout in our living room and she was finally able to make the space flow…”

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“In a few short hours she rearranged all our furniture in ways that felt both intuitive and inventive – like the way it was always meant to be…”

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“She moved furniture around in ways that we would have never considered and it was incredible to see the difference it made”

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More Information

The most convenient and most affordable method to rejuvenate the design of your living-room is to rearrange the furnishings products you currently own. Furnishings positioning can be a daunting job, no matter how big or small the room. If you are someone who constantly figured furniture placement would be better left to expert interior designers, stress no more. These pointers will help you accept the task of stabilizing your couch with your coffee table or armchair, and enable you to develop peace and harmony among all your furniture.

A space should be stabilized and this is the reason for NY furniture arrange.

Specifically, the furnishings in every space need to be positioned in a method that is pleasing to the eye and simple to maneuver around. If all the heavy furnishings pieces like couches, armchairs, entertainment centers and bookshelves are loaded on one side of the space, a room can seem like a sinking ship.

On the other hand, if you spread your furnishings around the room haphazardly, a room can feel cluttered even when it is reasonably empty. Think of the size of your living-room in relation to the quantity of furniture you have.

You can anchor the space by positioning a large entertainment center versus one wall, and then organize all seating easily around that anchor. Or, anchor your couch versus a wall, add a little side table or a coffee table in front for benefit, and violá! Your space is balanced.

Utilizing your sofa as an anchor, or as the focal point for your living-room can be a reliable furnishings positioning tool. However, modular sofas, or couches with lots of parts, can be too heavy an anchor, tipping the balance of the space with its bulkiness. An innovative service to this problem can be found in breaking up the pieces of the couch.

Location the biggest couch piece versus the longest wall of the room, then the smaller sections on the opposite side. If you have the smaller sections of the modular couch deal with the long sofa at an angle, you will avoid that boring, blocky appearance that comes with having all furnishings pieces pressed with their backs directly versus a wall.

A fresh alternative to positioning your couch versus the longest wall is to bring the couch out, far from the wall. If you prefer this look for your sofa positioning, enable a minimum of two and a half to three feet in between the sofa and the wall for comfortable walking space. Less space is required in between chairs and a couch, but constantly keep in mind walking patterns.

Think of how you and your visitors will steer in your living room with all the furniture in its proper place. If there are 2 doors, you might want to put couches and chairs in a manner that will allow passersby to walk behind or around the seating arrangement rather of through it.

If there is just one door to the room, don’t obstruct the flow with a large coffee table right in the way of the couch. Make sure you allow easy gain access to straight to the couch and chairs from the door, allowing for some space around the seating area.

Larger living-room can be designed so that they function effectively as two locations. Have one social, entertainment center seating plan in one section, and a quieter study arrangement in another. Tall side tables can be placed behind a sofa with decorative vases and pictures on top, as long as there is still strolling area behind the couch.

When choosing how to arrange your living space furniture, listen to your instincts. Wait to embellish the walls for a few days or even a week once you have selected where you are going to put each piece of furniture, to offer yourself a chance to get used to the brand-new positioning. Reside in the space for a bit, and examine how you feel. If something does not feel right, you can always move it, and utilize these suggestions to assist you bring your living-room back into balance.

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