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How to Feng Shui your Bedroom

NYC Bedroom
Feng Shui

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Feng Shui for Bedrooms
in New York City

People spend a third of their lives in bed and at least 8 hours a day in their bedrooms. We are most sensitive to the energy of our bedrooms because that’s where we are at our most relaxed and vulnerable state. During sleep we become even more sensitive and susceptible to the energies around us and that’s where the application of feng shui can make a huge positive impact in our day-to-day lives.

When I make feng shui adjustments to clients’ bedrooms, they experience deeper sleep, vivid dreams, and improved relationships with their partners. Most importantly, they feel in control of their space and are happier spending time at home. Continue reading below for tips to feng shui your bedroom and bring zen to the most important room in your home.

Explore 7 Tips to Feng Shui
Your Bedroom

Place your bed in the command position

Furniture arrangement is always the first step in creating good feng shui in any space. Make sure your bed is in the command position; this means that you should be able to see who’s coming in through the door without having the bed being directly in front of it. Try to avoid having your back to the door – you want to be in full control of your space and never feel surprised about who is entering the room.

  • Face the door but don’t be directly in line with it.
  • Avoid the “coffin” position where your feet point out the door.
  • Get a solid headboard and place it directly against a wall. If you can’t afford a headboard, use a long body pillow for added support.
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stay grounded

Stay Grounded

The bed will feel like it’s floating in space unless you ground it with other pieces of furniture. This will make the room feel cohesive and add an element of function and design to the space.

  • Use two end tables and two bedside lamps to add symmetry.
  • Place a sheepskin rug under the bed to add softness and texture. You can choose any type of area rug that resonates with you just make sure it’s not too bold.
  • If there’s space, bring in an upholstered bench in front of the bed for extra seating or blanket storage.

Clear clutter under the bed

In an ideal world, you would have nothing under your bed. The energy should be able to flow freely above and beneath you while you sleep. Take everything out from under the bed first and re-examine what you’re holding onto. Pictures of ex-boyfriends, workout gear, and random junk may create subconscious blocks in your life.

  • Clear clutter under the bed and do a deep clean of the floors below.
  • Use pine oil to wipe down floors and add earth energy to the space.
  • If you must use the bedroom for storage, place soft items like pillows, blankets, sheets, and seasonal clothing under the bed.
  • Avoid any workout equipment or gear under the bed. This means that you will have to work extra hard in your current relationship. Or it can translate into working very hard at finding new love.
  • Throw out pictures or mementos from past relationships. Letting go of the past is crucial in order to be present and move forward.
clear clutter
charge electronics

Charge all electronics outside of the bedroom

Electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, and televisions create electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) that are disruptive to our health and quality of sleep. Those bright blue lights can keep us awake longer and disturb our natural circadian rhythms. Charge all electronics outside of the bedroom; top CEO Arianna Huffington practices this habit in her nightly routine to ensure quality sleep and maximum productivity during the day.

  • Use an alarm clock instead of a cell phone.
  • Do light reading or journaling before bed to signal to your body and brain that it’s time for sleep.
  • Light candles or dim the lights to create mood lighting.
  • Remove televisions from the bedroom.

Use Romantic Artwork

If you’re looking for love then use the power of your bedroom to attract your next relationship. Identify your love corner (the far right corner from the door) and add fresh flowers, romantic images, and rose quartz to this space. Live as if you’re already in your dream relationship and create the space for a partner to enter.

  • Hang up romantic artwork that reflects two; avoid single and lonely images of one.
  • Remove images of friends and family from the bedroom.
  • Add red or pink flowers to your love corner.
  • Keep things that your future partner would use in the opposite nightstand: condoms, hand lotion, chap stick, a coaster for water, etc.
  • Create space by leaving a few drawers empty or some hanging space in your closet.
  • Write an “ideal soulmate” list and keep it in your nightstand.
romantic artwork
keep passion

Keep the passion alive

In feng shui, bedrooms are supposed to be used for sleep and sex. This is where you and your partner begin and end each day. It’s where you have privacy from the rest of the world and can be totally vulnerable with one another. Use objects and placement in this space to strengthen your love and keep the intimacy flowing.

  • Add happy pictures of your relationship to your bedside tables and dresser. Remove all pictures of children or family members in this room.
  • Make sure both people have easy access to the bed. One person should not be crawling over another to get in or out of bed.
  • Keep symbols and mementos from your relationship in this space. Maybe it’s old movie tickets from your first date or Valentine’s Day cards from the years before.
  • Have lingerie, condoms, or anything of the like be easily accessible.

Avoid Mirrors

Mirrors are active energy and can keep you awake at night. They can represent isolation and narcissism when used in abundance throughout the home. If possible avoid them completely in the bedroom.

  • Do not hang mirrors in front of the bed. You should not be able to look at yourself while you sleep.
  • Do not put mirrors in line with the door. You don’t want to see yourself first when you walk into the space.
  • Avoid mirrored furniture. This will add too much water energy to the space.
  • Hang full length mirrors on the inside of closet doors to use when you get dressed.
avoid mirrors
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