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New York City Closet Feng Shui in 6 Easy Steps

 In feng shui, the insides of closets and drawers represent your emotional health. Creating order and sustainable systems within your wardrobe is key to feeling lighter and happier in the home. Check out the 6 tips below to feng shui your way to a beautiful closet – one that will save you time and help you enjoy getting dressed in the mornings! 

Start with a clean slate

If you want to re-organize your bedroom closet, remove all the items from the space and do a deep clean. Make sure to clean the corners of the area; that’s where all the energy concentrates.

Don’t forget to wipe down the front and back of the closet door as well! Closets and drawers represent your emotional health and well-being; when you deep clean them, a lot of old memories and stored feelings may resurface.

After everything is sparkling clean, use pine oil on the wooden surfaces to help boost the energy.

Sort, Group, and Purge

Feng Shui is all about letting go of what no longer serves you. This is really difficult for most people because humans can develop very strong emotional attachments to physical objects.

When dealing with clothing organization, start by sorting and grouping like items. Make piles of sweaters, pants, t-shirts, dresses, pajama bottoms, socks, workout bras, etc. Purge any items that are dingy, stained, or have holes and tears. “Broken” clothing in feng shui equals broken energy.

Next, try on one category at a time to see if the piece still fits and looks good. Ask yourself how you feel when wearing the item. If the answer is “uncomfortable, fat, annoyed, or ugly” then it’s time to say goodbye. Try not to hold onto those infamous “skinny” jeans; the point of this process is to love yourself as you are in the present moment.

Keeping ill-fitting clothing is the equivalent of holding onto resentment, anger, or past hurts that no longer serve you.

Organize by Season

Now that the purging and sorting is finished, take the clothing from the opposite season and store it in a separate area. If you have limited space, try storing seasonal items under the bed or on a high shelf in the closet.

You want to always be looking at clothing that’s relevant to the next 3-4 months. It’s a proven fact that an increase in choices decreases our happiness!

Donate items that you haven’t worn in six or more months. If you didn’t wear a wool sweater last year you’re probably not going to wear it again when it gets cold out.

Hang with Purpose

Start hanging up and putting away clothes that you often wear, first. When you get dressed in the morning you want to eliminate any frustrations that come with getting ready. Try color coordinating from light to dark so you don’t waste precious time looking for a particular item.

Keep tops separate from bottoms and group dresses/suits together. Use felt hangers so clothes don’t slip and practice “file folding” for your lounge wear, workout clothing, and lightweight knits.

Try to keep your closets and drawers 75% percent full and implement a one in, one out rule if possible. Remember, the point of this exercise is to wear everything you own!

Don’t Forget the Door

Using the front and back of your closet door is key to eliminating clutter! Buy 6-prong over the door hooks to hang your favorite robe, hoodie, or handbag. You can also affix a belt or tie rack to the back of the door in addition to the hooks.

For younger children try hanging two levels of hooks, so they can comfortably put away backpacks or coats. If the hooks are on the outside of the door, display a beautiful dress or jewelry rack so you have something pretty to look at!

Over the door shoe racks are great for storing shoes and accessories too. If you don’t need extra storage, you can opt for a full length mirror on the inside of the closet door. And if all else fails, the inside of your closet door is a GREAT spot to hang up a vision board.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe

It’s a fact that we only wear 18-20% of our clothing. Daily outfits often consist of capsule wardrobe items like black leggings, a white blouse, distressed jeans, crew neck sweaters, t-shirts, and neutral flats.

Make sure you have all the basics first and then add bright colors and texture with scarves, jewelry, handbags and shoes. Not everyone is meant for a minimalist wardrobe so have fun with experimenting but make sure you have enough space to house your collection!

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