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How to Feng Shui Your Home Office

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Feng Shui Your NYC Home Office

An office with good energy and furniture placement helps you feel inspired, productive, and empowered. When done right, feng shui will enhance your creativity and can bring a lot of new and unexpected opportunities to the forefront.

7 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home Office

The 7 most important things you need to know about feng shui in your home office:

  • Put your desk in the command position.
  • Harness the power of purple.
  • Use cinnamon magic in your corners.
  • De-clutter your electronic files.
  • Create a vision board.
  • Bring in family and friends.
  • Add natural elements.


command position

Put your desk in the command position

Sitting in the power position is a key element in office feng shui; this means you can see the door when you are seated at your desk. If you sit with your back to the door, you can subject yourself to office politics, gossip, and a loss of control. 

Ground your desk with a small area rug to make it feel like it’s not floating in space. Place two small stools in front of the desk so you can easily chat with others.

Harness the power of purple

Stand at the entrance of your office as if you were walking into the space and identify the corner furthest to the left – this is your wealth corner. Decorate this corner with purple accents, purple flowers, or purple artwork. You could add a simple bookshelf to this space and place amethyst crystals or a fuchsia orchid to keep your prosperity flowing.

Why the color purple? It’s the color of royalty and it can cause dramatic changes to your financial situation when you intentionally use it in your office.

Don’t have your own office? You can easily apply these same concepts to a cubicle or desk by identifying the far left corner and adding something purple.

power of purple
cinnamon oil

Use cinnamon magic in your corners

Pay careful attention to the corners of a room and use them to your advantage. The corners of any space is where all the energy concentrates; it’s the best way to feng shui change into your life.

Use a non-toxic spray and some paper towels and thoroughly clean the corners from ceiling to floor. Apply cinnamon oil to the cleaned areas to banish negativity and clear any financial blocks. Cinnamon has been used since Egyptian times to attract money and change negative financial situations.

Declutter your electronic files

In addition to going through your drawers and paper files, don’t forget to feng shui your actual computer. Delete files that are old or no longer useful. This will create space for new and purposeful documents to enter your life.

Create an organization system for your electronic files that is easy to remember and follow. Back-up all your important files on a server and watch your work stress melt away. The greatest component of feng shui is to eliminate all frustrations from your day-to-day workflow.

declutter electronic files
vision board

Create a vision board

What does the screensaver on your phone and laptop look like? If you use these devices frequently for work consider replacing your existing image with something that you want to achieve professionally in the future.

If your dream job is located in New York, then put an image of the skyline on your computer. Think about what your ideal job would look like and scour the Internet for the perfect image that represents exactly that.

You could also add inspirational quotes on your desk or create a good old fashion wealth vision board. Use magazines to cut out images of professionals you admire and anything that you interpret as a sign of abundance!

Bring in family and friends

Add framed pictures of loved ones to your desk and workspace. The last thing anyone wants is to feel lonely in an office while working late. Surround yourself with images of family, friends, pets, and happy co-workers so you feel supported while you are hard at work.

Visual reminders are extremely vital to our emotional health and well-being so use them to your advantage as much as possible!

family friends
moving water

Bring in natural elements

And last but certainly not least, surround yourself with plants or images of nature. Offices can feel really drab with fluorescent lighting and ugly cubicles. Bring balance into your space by adding air purifying plants to your desk or office. If you have limited sunlight, look for plants that do well in low light or buy high quality fake plants that look like the real thing.

In feng shui, it’s most auspicious for a home to be positioned in front of water with a mountain behind it for support. Think of why real estate in Hawaii is so desirable! You can apply this same concept to your office by hanging up a picture of a mountain behind you and putting images of the ocean on your screensaver or in framed prints in front of you.

Choose an image of moving water if possible, this will help your money flow with greater force. Play around with some ideas so you can find what works best for you!

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