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Feng Shui Your NYC Living Room

My living room has become a multipurpose room where I entertain guests, work from my laptop, binge watch Netflix, and eat dinner. Like most New Yorkers, I have limited space in my apartment and need to make the most out of every square inch!

Arrange your living room based upon modern feng shui insights.

When living rooms have good feng shui, the space will be:

  • Conducive to entertaining
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Comfortable to lounge in
  • A perfect conversation area
  • A space with defined activity zones
  • Stylish and cozy

If you’re struggling with the layout or design of your living area, keep reading the 7 tips below to make your space feel more welcoming.

7 Tips to Feng Shui Your NYC Living Room

Create a Focal Point

Does your living room have a flat screen TV or fireplace? Well-designed spaces have focal points to anchor the room and draw attention to one specific area. If your television is mounted on the wall, use that as an opportunity to create visual interest and storage.

Consider placing a cube shelving unit underneath the television for extra storage or to display books and decorative accessories. Above the television is a great place to hang a free-standing shelf for a variety of green plants. Soon enough, your simple TV area will transform into a beautiful display and storage solution.

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Think Big

When you move into a new home or are re-arranging your existing furniture, place the largest items like sofas and beds first. If you are buying new furniture, take measurements and use painters tape to map out how much space a piece of furniture will require. This will prevent you from selecting items that are too big or small for the space.

Once the biggest furniture items are situated, it will be easier to add more furniture, textiles, and accessories.

Use Textiles

Textiles add instant softness and warmth to a space. Add throw pillows, blankets, or sheepskin pieces to create an easy, chic vibe.

Be sure to pick out the right size area rug for the room (painters tape comes in handy here too). Rugs define and ground the seating areas while adding color and life to a room.Don’t be afraid to layer printed, textured, or asymmetrical rugs over neutral ones.


multi purpose furniture

Multipurpose Furniture

Do you live in a small one bedroom or studio apartment? Maybe you have a defined sleeping and living area but you are missing a work space?

Think about using a console table with stools against a wall as a makeshift entryway table or work space for a narrow area. Or you could place the table and stools behind a couch for extra seating or a place to dine.

Try to select furniture with storage options built in; a sectional couch that doubles as a bed and houses extra bedding, a chest used as a coffee table, a bed with storage drawers, or an entryway curio with cabinets.

Ground Your Couch

In order to create cozy and intimate seating areas you want to avoid pushing couches and chairs against the wall. Even in small living areas, pushing pieces to the wall makes the space look smaller and won’t allow your furniture room to breathe.

In larger spaces, try to create conversation areas that are located in the center of the room. Use console tables or shelves on the outskirts to add storage and design flare.

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Shop for Neutrals

If you have a hard time deciding on what colors to bring into the space, opt for a gray or off-white couch, a birch wood coffee table, an oatmeal colored rug, and different types of medium colored wood furniture. Once you have all the pieces, adding color with accessories, artwork, and plants becomes much easier.

Avoid buying too much furniture that is dark brown or black – this will actually make your space look smaller. If you really like dark colors opt for black and white printed textiles to make the space feel airy and sophisticated.

Buy Cube Shelves

Furniture that has form and function is my absolute favorite! That’s why I love using cube shelving in my living space.

This picture to the right is a second bedroom that I turned into a “girl cave.” The cube shelves helped to store books and office supplies and doubled as a perfect TV stand. I also used it as an opportunity to stage accessories and fun trinkets. 

Cube shelves are extremely versatile and can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Consider stacking cube shelves to add storage/display and to create separation in small NYC studio apartments. 

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