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NYC Nursery
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Feng Shui for Nurseries in New York City

When I was putting together the feng shui tips for this page, I began to reflect on the families I worked with that had growing infants. The most common denominator was that I had to get the nursery room furniture in place first, so we could create activity zones. These included a changing station, a safe play area, a peaceful sleeping environment, and a spot for mom to breastfeed. Once the activity zones were clearly defined, parents found it easier to care for their babies and could enjoy more quality time together as a family.

Include these key elements for good feng shui in your nursery room.

Consider including these key elements when designing your nursery room:

  • Changing/dressing station for dirty diapers and outfit changes.
  • Safe play area on the ground.
  • A peaceful sleeping environment.
  • Daybed for caregivers to rest.
  • A spot for mom to breastfeed.

Below are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way as an NYC feng shui consultant to help improve the energy flow in the nursery and create a safe haven for growing baby.

12 Ways to Feng Shui
Your NYC Nursery

  • Diffuse Lavender oil and wipe down the corners of the room with it.
  • Add fresh white orchids or images of white orchids to the nursery. White orchids bring harmony to the household by filling the space with calm, clarity, innocence and peace.
  • Add pictures of the happy family to the room so the growing baby can be surrounded by loved ones.
  • Use animals and nature in the decor. Think about installing fun jungle themed wallpaper (removable is best) and prints of baby farm animals to peak a child’s curiosity.
  • Place the crib in the command position.
  • Suspend mobiles, hanging plants, paper lanterns, or mini hot air balloons from the ceiling. Hanging things up high will make the space feel airy and whimsical.
  • Don’t forget to bring in sentimental items that parents or grandparents once used such as old stuffed animals, vintage toys, and baby blankets. These items carry beautiful ancestor energy to support growing baby.
  • Display photographs of grandparents in the nursery to help the baby learn about family history.
  • Use blackout curtains to block natural light during nap time.
  • Make sure to include a daybed or rocking chair in the space so parents or caretakers can rest in the room if necessary.
  • Use a dresser that doubles as a baby changing station.
  • Display children’s books on floating nursery bookshelves.
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