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Cobble Hill Home Staging Expert

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Cobble Hill Real Estate Home Staging Services

Realtors and home sellers alike love my 8-Hour Home Staging Session because I use their existing furniture, accessories, and artwork to create a beautiful and optimal environment for an open house – saving them time, money, and frustration.

Potential buyers in Cobble Hill spend a longer amount of time in the home after I’ve worked on it because it evokes a positive emotional response. An added bonus of incorporating my New York City feng shui consulting with home staging is that the home sells faster. Most people don’t realize that feng shui acts as an “ejector seat” kicking people out of their current situation and pushing them towards something better!



Searching for a Home Staging Service in Cobble Hill?

Why is Nitu’s Cobble Hill home staging more effective?

  • The property evokes a positive emotional response.
  • You can live in the home while it’s on the market for sale.
  • Things remain organized and functional but still look beautiful for potential buyers.
  • The home sells faster and for more money because buyers can imagine themselves living in the home.

What sets aside my home staging from the rest is that I consider the ways in which you will use the space every day. Nothing is inconveniently placed just for show; everything looks good and functions in a conducive manner.


“Nitu worked with us to stage our condo we were selling. Our condo sold in less than a week, in January, when there was a snow storm”

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“She works with things you have and doesn’t tell you to go out and buy all new furniture or decorations.”

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“She took my casual, slightly crummy looking apartment into a beautiful cove of serenity that is both chic and artsy…”

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“Her sense of interior design and practical application of feng shui came together beautifully.”

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5 Easy DIY Home Staging Tips for Cobble Hill


Getting a home ready to sell can be a very complicated and intricate process but there are a lot of things you can do to make it easier. Follow these 5 DIY staging tips to transform your Cobble Hill home into a showroom and instantly make a difference in the presentation of your space:



Fix, Clean, and Depersonalize

When you’re listing a home for sale, every detail counts. Small things like broken light switch panels, grimy bathroom walls, and cracks in the tiling can signal that a home is not well maintained.

Address all the minor issues and do a deep clean, paying special attention to wipe down the corners and baseboards of every room.

Remove photographs of family and friends, vision boards, or anything of the sort. You want to keep buyers focused on the home versus its current inhabitants.

Create a Vignette

Vignettes are small scenes that create an ambiance and describe something in a very eye-catching and elegant way. They give buyers a glimpse of a desirable “lifestyle” and help them linger in a room longer. Think of applying this concept to an entryway by placing a bench with hooks above it. This creates the foundation for fun throw pillows, wicker baskets for shoes, and a colorful throw blanket. Use the hooks to hang hats or a scarf and viola – you have a beautiful entrance that buyers will immediately notice.

You can create a vignette on top of any flat surface: a dresser, dining room table, bookshelf, or fireplace mantle. It’s almost as if you’re creating a beautiful still life using mirrors, plants, vases, or vintage accessories. Use pops of color and add depth by leaning artwork behind smaller pieces like books and light fixtures.

Kitchen Power

Prioritize your kitchen first if you want to sell your home quickly. This is the most popular spot in the home and needs to shine for all potential buyers. Think of applying the vignette concept to a kitchen by painting outdated cabinets a fresh white color, displaying lemons, and using a cookbook stand that opens up to a colorful recipe. On one side of the stove you can use an elegant pitcher to store cooking utensils and on the other display a fancy olive oil and vinegar.

Hang three coordinating kitchen towels on the stove and update any hardware or light fixtures that are over 15 years old. Don’t forget to clean and organize the refrigerator, pantry, and cabinets; people will be opening up all the drawers to check out available storage. If you don’t have the money for new kitchen flooring, consider using removable floor stickers that create a faux tile or wood finish for a quarter of the cost.

Master the Master Bathroom

Create the ultimate spa experience in your bathroom by starting out with a neutral paint color on the walls. You could use a semi-gloss paint in a pale aqua, sage, cream, or white. Make sure to paint the trim and doors white to illuminate the space and give off a contemporary flare. Use a fluffy white bath mat and plush white towels to make it look more luxurious.

Don’t neglect the cabinets and closets in the bathroom – buyers want to see smart storage when they are looking to purchase a home. Declutter your bathroom and keep what’s necessary for daily use in the space so people aren’t distracted by an abundance of toiletries. Add storage above the toilet with some free standing shelves. This is a perfect place to display candles, leaning picture frames, or plants.

One of my favorite staging techniques is to use two fabric shower curtains with pullbacks to create a pretty curtain-like effect in your bathtub. You can play around with coordinating textures or prints to add some visual interest. And consider adding a rolling cart to the space if you have a larger bathroom. Fill up the cart with rolled towels, mason jars with q-tips and cotton balls, a pretty bowl of loofahs and large clear containers of colored bath salts. Setting up a “spa vignette” will paint the perfect picture for prospective buyers.

Furniture Layout

Furniture layout and arrangement are the building blocks of your home and need to be conducive to conversation and entertaining. Start with identifying the focal point; common ones include fireplaces, built-in bookshelves, and entertainment centers.

Next, arrange your furniture around this focal point with intention. Often times, common areas are used as multi-purpose rooms where people watch tv, do home homework, eat dinner, etc. Consider traffic patterns when you’re arranging the seating so it’s easy to take a seat and chat with other people.

When it comes to decor, stick to neutrals for the larger pieces and add patterns with throw pillows, curtains, and rugs. If you don’t have the best eye for design, use black and white patterns throughout the space and add a lot of plants to bring the room to life. Bring in some texture with sheepskin or fur throws and light some candles to create ambiance. Keeping the design minimal is not only easy, but very cost effective!

The cost of home staging doesn’t need to be prohibitive.

Stop your search for professional home stagers near me because you’ve found the right solution.
Contact Nitu today for more information.

More Information
House Staging can assist you workout the very best offer while offering your home. House Staging is just a way of product packaging your house to impress potential purchasers. All business items go through comprehensive packaging phases before they are exposed to the consumers and produced to the end-users. Attractive packaging can make an influence on consumers easily, so similarly, Home Staging can help you produce a favorable impact on the purchasers hence getting optimal return out of it.

Relying on the scenarios you choose to offer your home, your alternatives differ. You may desire to consolidate your financial obligations, relocate to a new place or to relocate to a bigger home. With that stated, Home Staging can be of excellent help for you. Everything goes through aging on this earth, so your house is. Now, when you go to sell your house, the customer would attempt to bargain on basis of devaluation. Home Staging plays a crucial function here. A home staging expert will assist cover up the flaws in a house, decorate the exterior and interior look and apply specific methods so that the consumers get drawn in to the property and wish to have it at any cost.

There are specific home staging services near me that typically give lucrative output. A few of these are directly connected with refurbishing the property and some, on the other hand, assist you treat the home purchasers mentally. Using painting changes, repairing walls, floorings and other structures fall under the first category. Whereas, changing years of ages fittings and components, leasing attractive furniture that looks excellent when put in the freshly painted space, putting some other accessories at visible locations assist to affect the purchasing decisions of clients.

All these methods ought to be applied from buyers’ point of view. We may show you the ideal path of thinking. Home buyers constantly want spaciousness and light to be there in the new home. So it is necessary to paint the house with the color that makes the spaces well lit and look larger. The furniture plan ought to likewise be carried out in such a way so that the spaces do not look clumsy and packed. Really furniture plays an important role to affect house purchasers. That is the reason; Home Staging business organize some furniture pieces for the houses that were never inhabited even. Furniture assists buyers understand how the house will appear like after settling their own pieces in location.

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