The way I practice feng shui gets to the root of every single problem and frustration you are experiencing in the home. My feng shui process always follows the same protocol: furniture placement, deep organization, staging, and shopping for the finishing touches.

Are you frustrated with your home?

Many feng shui clients call me because they’re not sure how to resolve the problems in their homes and lives. My feng shui services are right for if you are struggling with any of the issues below:

  • You don’t feel at home in your space.
  • You cannot figure out the furniture arrangement.
  • You have organized your closets several times but still have clutter.
  • Something feels wrong in the home but you can’t figure it out.
  • Your children are struggling with behavior issues.
  • You are having difficulty sleeping.
  • You feel stuck in your job and day-to-day life.
  • You want to attract love.
  • You are constantly arguing with your partner or spouse about simple tasks like laundry, cleaning, and cooking.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui has been defined as “the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house.” My interpretation goes a bit deeper. After practicing this ancient art of placement for the last few years, I view feng shui as a means to loving what you already have and making it work better for you.

When I first started seeing clients, I didn’t realize how much someone’s life could change by the simple act of rearranging their possessions and deep cleaning the corners of their rooms. After I was done with consults, clients would not only feel better, but they would often get new jobs, find love, and frequently move into new homes.

Because people felt more present in their homes and lives, they started attracting new opportunities and possibilities. I quickly learned that feng shui worked as an ejector seat – pushing my clients towards their next best scenario.

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