When you search “how to find love” on google a lot of suggestions come back. You’ll see “You’ll find love when you’re not looking”, “Go where people like the same things you like”, “Look up from your phone” and so many others. 

As a feng shui consultant, I have other ideas on how you can transform your love life and it’s as simple as these 5 house hacks. 

1. Place your bed in the command position.


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You want to be in total control of your bedroom…and the best way to feel in control of your space is to place your bed in the “power” position. This means you should be able to see who’s coming in through the door (without being directly in line with the door)

Some things to consider: 

  • Face the door but don’t be directly in line with it.
  • Avoid the “coffin” position where your feet point out the door.
  • Avoid having your back face the door – this can literally translate to “turning your back on love”

2. Create space for someone new.

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Even though you are single now, you want to live as if you’re dating your soulmate. Make sure the bed is accessible for two people and create symmetry with two nightstands and two lamps. Clear out some space in your closet and empty a drawer in your dresser so a future partner has a place for their stuff.

3. Manifest with objects. 
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Does your future husband wear old spice? Is he an avid reader of Men’s Health Magazine? Does he use a lint roller for his suits every morning? Think about what your future significant other would need in the bedroom and bathroom and keep extras of those items. 

Condoms, chapstick, and an extra phone charger in the opposite nightstand are perfect for telling the universe you’re ready for love. 

4. Use Romantic imagery EVERYWHERE.

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Make sure the artwork in your bedroom reflects romance and partnership. Avoid lonely images of one or pictures of friends and family. Add a romantic couple image to your phone and computer screensavers. You want your home to be a real-life vision board that serves as a constant reminder of what you are trying to manifest in your life.  

5. Add sugar to sweeten your love life

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Deep clean the four corners of your bedroom and add a jar of sugar in each corner. All the energy concentrates in the corners of a room so use them to your advantage. When you place sugar in the corners, your love life will instantly sweeten. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself and let me know what happens!