I watched this video and it rocked my world. As a small business owner, I plan my own schedule and love the freedom of working as much or as little as I please. But I knew that I had to switch things up because I had no work-life balance. I was either with clients for 10-12 hours straight or had 3-4 days off with nothing to do – the ‘feast or famine’ life wasn’t working for me.

dream catcherI decided to make some adjustments to the way I conducted my business and began to implement the morning and evening routines of top CEOs like Steve Jobs and Arianna Huffington. I was curious to see how it would impact my business, health, and overall life.  I knew a 4 am wake-up call would never work for me because I frequently have 2-hour consultations that run past 8 pm so I decided to start my days at 6 am and set my bedtime for 10 pm. These times were more reasonable for my lifestyle and still gave me a solid 3 hours to dedicate to a morning
routine – I was aiming for progress, not perfection.

In the first week of my morning routine, I honestly felt like superwoman. I became task-oriented and even made a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish for the last quarter of the year. I used to feel depressed on my off days when I couldn’t feng shui but now I started to embrace my time off and tackled all the issues I had been procrastinating….hiring an accountant, consulting a lawyer, starting a blog, backing up my computer and phone, etc. I started acting like a boss and it made me feel like the ultimate #girlboss.boss

More than anything else, my morning routine gave me a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence that no amount of makeup or new clothing could offer. I scheduled out every task that I would have to work on throughout my day; doing so made me feel proactive, not reactive.

If you are feeling stagnant or are looking to accomplish more in your day, I highly recommend trying a new routine to shake things up!

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