This month I was completely inspired by salt and all its glorious magic. I am always experimenting with different feng shui techniques to fine tune my craft and see if these “cures” actually work!

First, I deep cleaned all four corners of my bedroom from ceiling to floor, including the baseboards (all the

8d9016 87f397aca7be425aa54be15110af4d26mv2 d 1506 1506 s 2energy concentrates in the corners and cleaning them always makes a space feel lifted). Next, I decided to open the window and burn some sage and incense. My final step was using Pink Himalayan salt and putting it in each corner – I poured it right onto the carpet to get the full effect. Salt is known to absorb negative energy and neutralize a space.

Within less than 24 hours my living situation dramatically changed. I was less than thrilled living with my roommate and we decided she was going to move out. We had been going back and forth about our options for a few months and finally, a decision was made. After having the salt sit in the corners for 48 hours, I vacuumed it up and symbolically threw it away to release anything it had accumulated.

I was now curious to see what else salt could do so I purchased Magnesium Oil while waiting in line at Whole Foods. Statistics say that 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient and I assumed I was one of them. That night I sprayed my legs and arms down with the spray and instantly felt it working on my skin – the oil made me feel very relaxed but it also made my skin itch and burn like crazy! Apparently, that’s a common reaction if you are magnesium deficient. Over the next few days, I started to build a tolerance for the oil and was able to spray my skin without discomfort and get a really deep sleep. I also started using it on my scalp to promote hair growth and it definitely gave my locks a beautiful shine.

Salt has an extremely grounding and rejuvenating effect on our bodies. Epsom salt baths and days spent relaxing on a beach certainly help me feel totally at peace… but where could I go locally to find my salt fix? Luckily, in my research I stumbled upon The Bethesda Salt Cave – a hidden gem tucked away in one of Maryland’s finest neighborhoods. I booked a facial and spent my Sunday in their salt cave digging my feet in the large pink crystals and breathing in the negative-ion rich air. I purchased a pyramid salt lamp to complete the experience and left feeling relaxed and ready for the week ahead.