Before every feng shui session, I do a Facetime call so I can quickly see three things in a client’s home: furniture placement, artwork, and pockets of clutter. It’s during this 30-minute call that I can easily recognize red flags and negative patterns within the home. 

In order to shift existing patterns, I heavily rely on artwork (and strategic artwork placement) to create positive change for my clients. Artwork placement and selection is done on a case by case basis and it has two main goals in mind: 1) to create an aesthetically pleasing environment and 2) to help manifest future goals and dreams. 

Artwork is essentially a vision board for the life you want to live! Below, you’ll find my 4 tried and true tips to follow to create good feng shui in the home. 

Turn Your Home into a Vision Board

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Are you dying to move to Paris? Want to exercise more? Have you been procrastinating on learning how to play the guitar? Is it your dream to open a Cuban restaurant?

These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before you purchase artwork for your home. Think of artwork as a tool to manifest your dreams. Start the process by putting images of what you want to create in your life all around your home. For example, if you want to move to Paris, start making your space look like you already live there. Put images of the Eiffel Tower on your living room walls and purchase a couple of Chanel books. Look on Etsy for inspiration and turn your space into a Parisian inspired home. 

If your budget is tight, consider printing images out and placing them into inexpensive studio frames for easy and cheap artwork! Or, you could simply cut out pictures from a magazine and hang them up on the fridge. Visualization is a technique that may work for some people but has never worked for me. Instead, I always select the right image so it can remind me of what I want and keep me motivated to do the work to achieve it! 

Use Artwork to Attract or Maintain Love

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Bedrooms are for sleep and sex. The artwork in your bedroom should reflect exactly that – images in this space should inspire you to relax and be intimate with your partner. If you’re single, the artwork should make you feel like you’re already in your dream relationship. And if you aren’t looking for love, find images that evoke relaxation and peace. 

Key elements to remember:

  • Purchase home decor that reflects two; avoid single lonely images of one. 
  • Remove images of friends and family from the bedroom. Do you really want your grandparents looking at you while you’re in bed with someone?  
  • Bring in dream catchers, images of quiet forests, calm beaches, or phases of the moon for examples of natural sleep elements. 
  • Select romantic images in which a couple is kissing or in a loving embrace. If you can find artwork that closely resembles what you look like (and what you want your partner to look like) then it will be even more powerful. 
  • If you’re in a relationship, display photographs of your loving relationship all over the bedroom. 

Create community in common spaces 

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During these Covid times, I’ve come to realize that nothing in life is worse than isolation. As someone who lives alone, I make a huge effort to build community around me and use images that represent community in my home. The goal of this imagery is to make you feel connected and loved.  

Display photographs of friends, family, and loving pets in the living room, kitchen, hallways, office, and common spaces of your home. If you don’t have a lot of friends but want to attract more people into your life, find artwork that represents loving friendship and sisterhood (or brotherhood) for your space. My personal favorite to shop for fun prints is Society6 and Etsy because they offer a variety of affordable options (no they’re not paying me to write this). 

Paintings of a joyous dinner party or prints of people celebrating and dancing are amazing for creating positive feng shui in your living areas and will set the mood for more people to be a part of your world.  

Change With the Seasons

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Frida Kahlo put it best when she said:

 “Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away”

In feng shui, there are two types of energy: living & dead. Examples of living energy include fresh flowers, vibrant plants, images of lush trees, essential oils, etc. Adding living energy (or images of living energy) is a great feng shui tool and can make you feel more alive and energized. 

Dead energy (a feng shui no-no) includes dried flowers, bare trees, images of winter, skulls, and dying plants. Although these are technically symbols of dead energy, I still like to use them in my home during the fall/winter months because as the seasons change, so do our needs in the home. 

Think of fall as a time to go inwards, enjoy cozy evenings with loved ones, and honor our ancestors during Halloween. It’s a time for reflection and gratitude; shifting our awareness to the cyclical nature of life. String white lights on bare trees, display skulls & pumpkins and switch up your artwork to showcase the changing of the seasons. 

Take a look at your walls and make note of the imagery that you’re surrounding yourself with. Does it align with your goals and dreams? How can you use feng shui to start changing your life for the better?


Featured Image by Alja Horvat  – “Bathing with Plants Art Print”

Courtesy of Society 6