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Home Relocation &

24-Hour Moving Session

Brooklyn’s Most Popular Home Relocation & Unpacking Services 

Moving is stressful and unpacking can be even worse. I work with clients to unpack with purpose and create systems to turn your house into a functional home. The process is broken down into three 8-hour days so the frustration (and exhaustion) of organizing and decorating is eliminated. Say goodbye to boxes and hello to housewarming.

Unpack with Purpose:

  • three 8-hour sessions (back-to-back)
  • furniture placement 
  • intuitive organization systems for the kitchen, bedrooms, and closets
  • artwork placement and staging
  • spreadsheet with links to furniture and accessories
  • to-do list of finishing touches to complete the space (includes plant and light fixture placement)
  • 4 hours paid handyman services
  • 30 day free Slack membership

Total Cost: $3497



Vikram A

Vikram A.

I just moved back to NY and found a gem apartment in Carroll Gardens. The problem was that it looked like an Italian grandmother’s home, and all my furniture didn’t seem to mesh well with the existing style. Somehow Nitu was able to work with my furniture, artwork and furnishings to make my home beautiful and welcoming. I never want to leave… I highly recommend her services because it’s clear she has a gift for interior design, feng shui and staging.

Melody J

Melody J.

During a recent move in New York City, Nitu was so generous and kind, coming in and make sense of everything: all of my boxes, furniture, and items. I had some initial ideas about how I wanted to arrange my furniture but Nitu had a completely different idea and while I wasn’t sure at first, I am SO GRATEFUL I trusted her and let her work her magic.

Niki W

Niki W.

Working with Nitu has been nothing short of dreamy. She helped me transition into my new studio apartment in ways I would have never imagined, and I’ve never felt more at home. Meeting her was like catching up with an old friend, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work together as we put the finishing touching on my place. I can’t stop recommending her to my friends. Thanks for all your do, Nitu!

TLDR: If you’re considering hiring Nitu… DO IT! You won’t regret it.