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4-Hour Feng Shui is great for anyone wanting to make a serious change to their space. We start with walking through the entire home while I make suggestions for furniture placement, organization, and artwork. The furniture is situated first and then we tackle light organization and staging.
Four hours is the perfect amount of time to address several issues and create a lasting result in your home. Clients have said this consult changes life circumstances for the better.

4-Hour Feng Shui:

  • furniture placement for optimal flow
  • 90 minutes of organizing and staging
  • feng shui tips & tricks
  • intuitive findings
  • artwork placement
  • identifying “red flags”

Price: $1395



Kata S.

We have a funky layout in our living room and she was finally able to make the space flow and make it feel more open and spacious!

Jillian S.

Nitu completely transformed our apartment with her magic and brilliance, it was incredible! In a few short hours she rearranged all our furniture in ways that felt both intuitive and inventive – like the way it was always meant to be but that my husband and I had never been able to quite figure out.

Tatiana H.

She moved furniture around in ways that we would have never considered and it was incredible to see the difference it made! 100% worth the investment!