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The 5 Home Depot Products Home Stagers Swear By

The art of effective home staging involves reimagining a lived-in (or even a completely unoccupied) space—and doing it as quickly and inexpensively as possible to help sell the home for top dollar.

Whether it’s a multimillion dollar condo in the city or a starter house in the suburbs, a home stager’s job is to help buyers visualize themselves in the home

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13 Simple Patio Ideas to Maximize Outdoor Space


With the summer season in full swing, you might be wondering what you can do to maximize any outdoor space you have. There are plenty of simple patio ideas you can incorporate to enjoy the great outdoors at home, whether you have a balcony, patio, or small garden.

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NYC’s Queen of Feng Shui: Meet Nitu Patel, Founder of Phoenix & Rose

Has spending time in your apartment during quarantine made you question your entire living situation? It sure has for me – what used to feel spacious and abundant now feels compact and overwhelming. Fortunately for us, there are magical humans out there like Nitu Patel, founder of NYC based feng shui practice Phoenix and Rose. Nitu has an energy that makes you feel like she can solve any of your problems. While she can’t solve everything, she can maximize your home for better flow and function, helping to boost the energy of the space through feng shui. Read on to learn how Nitu stepped into her gift and transformed not just spaces, but lives…

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The 10 Best Feng Shui Instagram Accounts


“Nitu of @phoenixandrose is a consultant based in NYC, and her account is filled with fantastic feng shui content. From gorgeous interior photos that inspire you to change your space to pointers on how to make feng shui a larger part of your life, you won’t regret giving her a follow.”

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“Feng shui is about getting present…”


“Nitu Patel, a New York-based feng shui consultant and the founder of Phoenix and Rose, agrees that clearing out under your bed can refresh your energy. “Feng shui is about getting present,” Ms. Patel said. “Make your bedroom the love and sex sanctuary.”

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The 5 Things That Define an “Adult” Closet, According to Home Stagers

You know what a dream closet looks like. You saw it on Instagram, and it was the size of a bedroom (!) with tufted ottomans and a conspicuous inch of space between each hanger. But what does a more practical adult closet look like—one that has a good system to keep things organized and excels at doing so in a small space? We posed this exact question to home stagers…